You have arrived!

You are part of a team of internal sourcers (or RPO), or recruiters in charge of sourcing, you carry your employer brand and you want to REALLY learn how to source profiles?

Here is the training, based on more than 25 bootcamps for teams such as CERN, Microsoft, Zalando, 360learning, SFEIR, Zenika, Aircall and many others (+250 people trained) that will put your sourcing practice into orbit as well as understand/strategise your global attraction strategy.

In addition to the videos, you will have access to a private Discord server for one year to exchange with other learners and ask me your questions, as well as a Playbook of +50 pages with all the links seen, a Linkedin badge at the end of the course etc.

Do not hesitate to see the list of videos below, consult the FAQ if needed and if you still have questions, you can contact me directly of course (email, Linkedin, twitter or simply on the main website )

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Is the training for juniors or seniors?

Both! If you are starting out in Sourcing, beware, this course is an intensive bootcamp, there is a lot to see and understand.

There is no elevator to success in Sourcing, you have to take the stairs but you have the whole way of thinking, the tools, the techniques and the discord community is there.

If you're already kicking ass in Sourcing, I don't think you'll be disappointed as the training pushes through to behavioural sourcing, scraping, API data enrichment, neuro-scientific principles of approach messages, understanding algorithm bubbles, you shouldn't be bored at all 😉 Even the most expert sourcers I've been able to train have come away delighted (some have said transformed even lol).

Will I learn to source diversity?

Yes, especially on the Linkedin Recruiter Next Level part, you will see some new techniques that you should enjoy.

I have a whole team to train, can I get a discount?

From 5 people, contact me before taking the training and we'll talk about it.

Can I share my access with my team?

No, the logins are personal, I know who is where in the training and in case of multiple logins, your accesses will be deleted.

Why is the training only open to internals/ those who carry their employer brand?

The tools presented are, for some, ultra powerful and require special attention. If you carry your brand, you cannot flood the market without damaging your brand, externally it is different. So in the interest of the candidates, the training is only open to internal sourcers/recruiters.

Any other question? Contact me 🙂